Contacting Us and a Bit About Itzy Bitzy

Itzy Bitzy Communications ApS is owned by Steen Schnack Grønfeldt and has been in existence for over 20 years - originally founded as a web design and translation company in 1997.

Over time, Steen has been a self-employed consultant and full-time freelance translator, an entrepreneur, a partner in an e-commerce company, and most recently employed in search, digital marketing, and e-commerce projects involving digital transformation at Jabra (2011-2014), Languagewire (2014-2018), and Bang & Olufsen (2018-2023).

Steen holds a business language degree from CBS and also has a Master's degree in Cross-Media Communication from the University of Copenhagen. See Linkedin for more details.

Contact Steen at and find out how he can help you with your online visibility.

Extensive Experience in Continuously Learning New Things

Through many years of working with web, e-commerce, and digital marketing, Steen has experience in constantly learning new systems and platforms. It's part of the job in digital marketing. Additionally, Itzy Bitzy has a vast network of specialists and experts in various aspects of the digital realm, ranging from copywriting and software development to graphic production.

Contact Steen if you're interested in learning more. It can be a good idea for your company if you don't have tasks or budget for a full-time senior digital specialist.

The advantage for your company is that you can quickly test and try out things without hiring a full-time employee or engaging an agency. It provides great flexibility and is a cost-effective way to have an experienced specialist on board.

For example, Steen can also assist in recruiting a team of juniors/coordinators whom he coaches and guides.

Digital Visibility and ROI Have Always Been Key

Throughout his career, Steen has worked on web solutions for e-commerce, SEO, Google Ads, web analytics, personalization, content marketing, lead generation, and marketing automation. With his broad experience and solution-oriented approach, Steen seamlessly integrates into any digital team, contributing to enhancing the value of the company's marketing activities.

You can contact Steen and Itzy-Bitzy at

Websites by Itzy-Bitzy

With experience and knowledge, the path from idea to solution becomes shorter. As part of constantly testing solutions and finding new ones, Steen has some smaller projects that can help find solutions and provide inspiration for other work.

Basis CMS

The small project, Basis CMS, is a 100% performance, compliance, and SEO optimized CMS. It does not use cookies as a starting point and does not use a database. This means that you don't need user consent for cookies, and it reduces the risk of hacking. Of course, it also limits dynamic features and targeted marketing.

Golfgaver (Gifts for Golfers)

If Steen ever has nothing else to do, he will travel around and play various golf courses worldwide and write about the experiences. If you want to read about it, visit There may also be other golf-related things there someday, but it requires time to play and write about them afterwards.

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